How many times you've wanted to change ?

Well, Think no more coz the agile app makes sure that you stay on track by making you invest in each of your habit or your goal hence developing your discipline for a great lifestyle.

Earn your investment back once you complete your goal and share your journey with your friends!

If you are seeking help for a better life, The Agile app is for you!

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Track progress of your habits and goals with ease.
Get your investment back once you achieve your goal or learn the habit!

Development made easy

Create a habit, make a investment using payment method of your
choice and start developing your better self.
Update your progress everyday and gain insights of how you react to changes in environment.

Track your progress

An easier way to motivate yourself is to realize how far you've come. Tracking helps you stay focused on what's important to reaching your goal.
And there is no better way to visualize better than writing down your data. But writing down can be tiresome and graphing in excel sheet isn't feasible.

We got you covered, Just update your progress in the Agile app and we crunch the numbers for you.

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