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Everybody wants to change, get better, or learn new habits but not everybody has the motivation as others do. Some need just a cup of coffee some might need an online tutor but one thing that always keeps us on track even on the hardest days, is the goal. We always want to achieve the goals but not willing to take reasonable actions.

People like to get rewarded. And there is a method of teaching called the "Cookie Jar" method.
Cookie Jar method. By, David Goggins

The cookie jar method is storing all of the things you’ve endured, overcome and achieved in a cookie jar, for the times where you feel like giving up. this can be in your mind or a real cookie jar. It’s about remembering the times that obstacles have been put in your way and you could of gave up but didn’t, the times where you never gave up and finally achieved something. You broke a bad habit, you overcame depression or you worked through a really hard task. Whatever the case may be and whatever you’ve overcome this should go in your cookie jar for when things get tough. - Brain Boosted

So the agile app is just a jar, you put in the money as the investment for your change, then do what you said out to do and log it in the app everyday. Once you achieved the goal you will get the refund as the reward.
It might seem weird to think of your own money as a reward but try it, it will change you for sure.

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How it works!

Infographic of how the app works.